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Drawing and painting are one of the activities that they inculcate from an early age. Why not pick it up now that you have time for yourself? There are innumerable benefits and can become a perfect occupation to spend a little time a week or day.

Develop calm, avoid stress, encourage creativity, impose a routine and learn are just part of all the positive that can bring you to love painting in adulthood.

If you have time and a certain interest in artistic activity, do not hesitate, painting can be your new hobby. It is beneficial in children and it is emphasized at early ages for the development of children, and the same occurs in older and older adults.

They are many, from physical to mental, and certainly multiply when you check for yourself; some of them are:

– Stimulates the brain and promotes mental health:

Both hemispheres of the brain are stimulated by painting. From the logical side to the creative and, of course, the emotional side. Developing the imagination can prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Senile Dementia. Its benefit in mental health is undeniable because it provides moments of calm, it manages to isolate the mind, something that will result in an improvement of physical health.

-Improves self-esteem:
In addition, it manages to promote self-improvement; stimulates the part of overcoming people, encourages and motivates to have an objective, in this case, artistic.

– It benefits the motor skills:
All the necessary tools for painting improve motor skills: brushes, charcoal, pens … They require precision and fine movements, something that with age becomes more complicated. The dexterity in muscles and bones to perform the movements necessary for the activity, stimulates the brain and the body again.

– Develops the communicative capacity:
You can choose the self-taught way, with tutorials that also look on the internet and help you become familiar with the technology, or be part of a painting workshop with a specialized teacher.

– Fun and entertainment:

In short, painting helps improve the well-being of older people. In Montesalud Senior Center we ensure that our elders are part of an active and lively community, with all kinds of initiatives that are beneficial in all aspects.

It is very important if you consider that with age you lose functions and your hands can not control movements at times, when drawing, very important brain connections are stimulated to avoid or control the effects of some diseases such as arthritis.

Drawing and painting stimulate both hemispheres of the brain, both the left and the right. The first involves the rational logical side while the second exploits our creativity and emotions. In an age of growth and development this activity will be very valuable for the future and in adulthood as well, to fight diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Painting is an activity that encourages the imagination and in patients with Alzheimer’s while the memory fades, the imagination has the ability to strengthen itself.

Painting, better or worse, is something that we all know how to do and have done at some time in our lives. In the elderly it is especially important, since it helps to develop and maintain many capacities.

The fashion of the mandalas that emerged some time ago and that remains strong even today has come to reverse this situation. Because if it has served for something it has been to enhance the benefits of painting, coloring or drawing for which we are already more adults

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