Targeted Case Management

What is Targeted Case Management (TCM)?

Our Targeted Case Management (TCM) service provides older adults, children and patients requiring special attention with the possibility of enjoying a better life both socially and in terms of health.

Service Overview

Our team strives to achieve a noticeable change in the lives of our patients. To do so, we follow a firm and clear plan of action based on planning, coordinating, and monitoring the options and services necessary to meet the health needs of our patients through communication and the use of available resources.

Among the advantages of our services is to assist and connect our patients with all the Social Services and Programs that are available in our community, among them:

Food Stamps.
Coordinating medical appointments.
offered Telephony and communication.

Belen Community Care Walk-in Process

No Appointment Needed

An appointment is not required in order to receive care. For this reason, patients do not have to plan out when they can come in. Simply walk in and you’ll be seen.

Licensed Professionals

Our Professionals offer high-quality care. They are licensed and recognized as reputable members of the health care industry.

Family Member

We feel the best way to build a long-lasting relationship with our customers is to treat each and every one exactly as we would treat a member of our own family.

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Other Services

Since its founding, Belen Community Care has been providing its patients with full cognitive behavior therapy. The close and special treatment we provide is admirable in every way, and is appreciated in all the services we provide.

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