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Group therapy is for many, more effective than individual therapy. And there are experts in psychology who share this idea.

Sharing experiences of different people widens the range of social tools to overcome a problem. That we leave you 5 benefits that will convince you of the effectiveness of group therapies.


1. They help you understand that you are not alone

Many patients enter therapy with the idea that they are alone in their problem, and that their problems are unique and particular. While it is true that each of us is unique and can have unique circumstances, no one is alone in their conflicts.

2. Improve the ability to receive and give support

There is a concept that does not end up being clear about group therapy, because many people think that the members take turns among themselves, to receive an individual therapy while the rest observe him. However, in this therapy the members intervene, and they take turns among themselves to give their support or vision of the problem, helping the patient in the same way that the psychologist would.

One member feels isolated and alone, comments on their problem with the rest of the group, shares other experiences, and listens to new ones. The result is that the person advances in their situation, thanks to the experiences of the rest of the group and get better in many other areas that probably were not included in the initial problem.

3.It helps you find your ‘voice’

En personas que presentan cierta timidez, o incapacidad social, es común el sentir que se le da poca importancia a tus asuntos. Ser conscientes de que tenemos ambiciones y necesidades propias, y expresar dicho sentimiento no es nada fácil.

4. Games to improve self-esteem
They help to discover values ​​and positive attitudes of people.
Write on a quality paper and share it with the group.
Desire something positive to the group or to each one using a ball that is thrown at someone and something positive is offered to the one who receives, etc.
Finally, what is sought with any activity or therapy is to have fun, relax, improve affective capacities and the elderly’s self-esteem.

5. Aging is not equivalent to living alone and lead a sedentary and boring life, you have to give a meaning to life and enjoy it as much as possible. For this, there are many possibilities for groups for older adults, techniques, group dynamics like the ones we show you today.

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