• Ansiedad generalizada

    Ansiedad generalizada

    Es normal sentirse ansioso en algunos momentos, en especial, si tu vida es estresante. Sin embargo, la ansiedad y la preocupación excesivas y continuas que son difíciles de controlar e interfieren en las actividades diarias pueden ser signo de un trastorno de ansiedad generalizada. El trastorno de ansiedad generalizada tiene síntomas similares a los del

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  • Positive aging

    Positive aging

    The term active aging was adopted by the World Health Organization in the late 1990s with the intention of conveying a more complete message, that of health, the way individuals and populations age. The approach to active ageing is based on the recognition of the human rights of older people and on the United Nations

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  • Third age: the charm of ageing

    Third age: the charm of ageing

    Numerous studies in the field of psychology analyse this phenomenon in terms of the well-being of the longest generations and as a guarantee for the future of young people. And it is that during the third age biochemical, physiological, morphological, functional, psychological and social changes take place in the individual, as a result of the

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