• Riesgo de obesidad en el adulto mayor

    Riesgo de obesidad en el adulto mayor

    El riesgo de obesidad en el adulto mayor es un tema critico ya que se deben cuidar del sobre peso, para mantener una buena calidad de vida. El sedentarismo se convierte en un estilo de vida y representa cambios de humor, baja autoestima e inseguridad. Causas de la obesidad en el adulto mayor El riesgo de obesidad en el adulto

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  • Vitality for the elderly

    Vitality for the elderly

    The free time you have to seniors, can be a great opportunity to adopt a healthier lifestyle, physical activity, learn something new, for example languages ​​or computers. Over the years diseases or other complications can arise due to age that can weaken our body and mind, in other words, we can lose vitality. For example,

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  • Parkinson’s in Older Adults

    Parkinson’s in Older Adults

    Parkinson’s disease in older adults is a degenerative and chronic disorder that affects certain regions of the brain which control the motor system. Parkinson’s in older adults causes them to progressively lose coordination in movements and generates involuntary tremors. Characteristics of Parkinson’s in Older Adults Sudden tremor still at rest Slowness in movements Muscular stiffness

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  • Eschar in Older Adults

    Eschar in Older Adults

    Eschars in older adults are also known as pressure ulcers. Being lying down or sitting in the same position causes the bony prominences covered with little skin to receive continuous pressure. In this way blood circulation stops and wounds appear. One of the cares for elderly prostrate patients is to avoid moving them abruptly as

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  • Swimming in The Third Age

    Swimming in The Third Age

    Swimming is an excellent sport for the cardiovascular and respiratory system of the human body. In addition, strength and muscular endurance also increases the flexibility of the joints, tones the body, relaxes it and as a last spike, it helps to lose weight. This sport is very appropriate and has enormous benefits, always adopting the

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    The infection of the urinary tract is an inflammatory process that appears by the multiplication of microorganisms in that area. It can be classified into two types, taking into account its anatomical location, that is, whether it occurs in the lower tracts (urethritis, cystitis and prostatitis) or in the high ones (acute pyelonephritis).   In

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  • Senile dementia

    Senile dementia

    The term dementia refers to a set of symptoms that are characterized by a progressive deterioration of cognitive functions. And senile refers to old age. Therefore, the term senile dementia applies to the dementia that occurs in the elderly. However, its use is rather popular because there is no medical term. Dementia is a disorder

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  • Tips to Take Care of the Knees

    Tips to Take Care of the Knees

    The knees are the largest joint in the body. Many women do not give them the attention they deserve, either because of ignorance or even carelessness. One of the main causes for which we begin to have problems in the knees is overweight. If your body weight is not in the correct number you are

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  • Prevention of falls

    Prevention of falls

    What are the places in the house where more falls occur? Definitely the most common and most dangerous place for falls is the bathroom, so it is always recommended to have support bars, anti-slip carpets in the shower, bath chair among other things; the second place in frequency is the room of the older adult,

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  • Food to strengthen eyesight

    Food to strengthen eyesight

    It is said that the eyes are the window of the soul and that through them you can appreciate the purity of a person’s spirit. Today we give you some food to strengthen the view. You will see the change! According to figures from the World Health Organization (WHO), in the world there are approximately

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