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Swimming is an excellent sport for the cardiovascular and respiratory system of the human body.

In addition, strength and muscular endurance also increases the flexibility of the joints, tones the body, relaxes it and as a last spike, it helps to lose weight.

This sport is very appropriate and has enormous benefits, always adopting the necessary precautions. These precautions should be taken especially in people with mobility problems, since in the water the weight of the body seems to be lighter.

Like any sport, before starting a routine with him, it is recommended to consult the family doctor and undergo a physical examination so that the future swimmer can calculate how far his effort can go.


The benefits of swimming when practiced in the third age are many. Here we leave some of them:

– This sport favors the activity of the cardio-respiratory and muscular systems.

– It makes possible the movement of the body in water and favors physical activity in obese people, with pathologies in the spine and in those that out of water have difficulties for sports activities, in those who need cardiac or motor rehabilitation, etc.

– Allows one to abandon a sedentary lifestyle and develop, without great energetic waste, an activity that produces pleasure and offers the opportunity to overcome and to gain self confidence.

– It exerts hydrotherapeutic effects and improves the symptoms of diseases of bone, joint, muscle, motor, etc., so that it provides a great sense of well-being.


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