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Sport works on emotions and spirituality, at the same time that it strengthens muscles.

This exercise releases stress, reduces insomnia and minimizes negative thoughts.
It is recommended that older adults practice it as a sports discipline, with a frequency of one to three times a week, with sessions of 45 to 60 minutes.
During all stages of life, exercising is key for the human being to have a better health and quality of life. As the years go by, the sport that is practiced should focus on disciplines that are more suited to our physical possibilities and convenient, depending on age.

During the third age, it is very important that the exercise does not stop being part of the daily routine of the person and in case this was not a common practice, it is vital to incorporate the exercise in the daily routine.

To achieve this, the specialist recommends that the older adult with his family look for low impact sports alternatives, which allow him to exercise and stay active during this important stage of life.

One of the low impact sports that is recommended most during seniors is yoga. This sports discipline works the different parts of the body through physical exercise and meditation; Its ultimate goal is to maintain a harmony between body, mind and heart.

General recommendations for the elderly

Before practicing this exercise, it is recommended that the older adult correctly perform all feeding times that must be covered during the course of the day and, of course, comply with the schedules of the respective medications according to their health condition.

To take a yoga class, it is important to have a certified teacher, with knowledge in sports practice focused on older adults. The ideal place to take the class should be wide, have good ventilation, sunlight and a pleasant temperature. After exercise, it is vital to drink water to hydrate the body.



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