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The free time you have to seniors, can be a great opportunity to adopt a healthier lifestyle, physical activity, learn something new, for example languages ​​or computers.

Over the years diseases or other complications can arise due to age that can weaken our body and mind, in other words, we can lose vitality.

For example, WHO supports the idea of ​​active aging.

This, indicates that the demographic group that will grow in the coming years will be those over 60 years, therefore it is necessary that each country, think about policies to “optimize the social, mental and physical welfare” of this population, with the objective of achieving greater life expectancy with a higher quality, as well as achieving greater productivity.

Also, note that, factors such as health conditions, a good physical condition, high cognitive level or remain active at the social level, are key to achieving this goal.

It is important to note that it means the concept of “an active old age” and how to achieve it, that is why it is important to point out that the elderly have time as an ally, since it is the time of our life we ​​have more time to be able to get a healthier lifestyle.

With regard to the physical environment, it is important to maintain self-care, that is, an independence when carrying out any physical activity, as well as spending a little time each day doing sports.

It is also important to maintain a balanced diet and eliminate if possible the consumption of alcohol or tobacco.

With regard to mental health, provided that diseases such as Alzheimer’s or other similar pathologies do not appear, which are currently unavoidable, it is recommended to perform activities that require some concentration, such as learning a new or computer language.

It is also recommended to continue practicing the hobbies that were before or look for new, encourage participation in groups of people and physical coordination. Reading, as an activity to continue maintaining concentration.

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