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We constantly hear the words “Quality of Life”, and relate it to well-being. Quality of life includes the subjective dimension (as each person perceives their well-being, personal satisfaction) and objective dimension (general state of health) and its components include physical health, psychological state, level of independence and relationships social.

To address this issue, I would first like to address the concept of “Oldness” that is presented in society and refers to the set of beliefs and prejudices about older adults according to their age. In other words, when we consider that it is normal for an older adult to have significant memory losses or difficulties to walk because they have a certain age, when in reality they should be warning signs to investigate a little more and provide the necessary attention and tools so that preserve its functionality Another example is when we talk about the misconception of “Senile Dementia” since this as such would be like saying that because he is older then he presents a dementia, when in reality the older being is not the cause. In order to age with quality, we must raise awareness not only of the PAMs (older adults), but also of families and people of different generations in matters related to the physical, emotional, cognitive and effective health of the elderly.

Although there are many myths and prejudices around this stage, it is possible to age with quality, older adults still have much to deliver and great potential and for the importance that this stage of life has for society is that we want to know it better to assume it with Hope and joy and in the process discover new perspectives and visions on this stage.

The goal is to follow a path in which more and more people age better. In order to promote the quality of life in elderly people, the interventions made by the different professionals to work in an integral manner are very important.

As part of this process of educating the population and that people live positively and with quality old age will be held soon a workshop called “The Gold of the Golden Years” under the following theme:

  • Physical and emotional approach to the needs of the elderly.
  • Adaptive functioning in the elderly.
  • Balance between subjective and objective quality of life.
  • Recognizing our reality.
  • Live today to prepare for tomorrow.
  • Satisfactory aging.
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