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Eschars in older adults are also known as pressure ulcers. Being lying down or sitting in the same position causes the bony prominences covered with little skin to receive continuous pressure. In this way blood circulation stops and wounds appear.
One of the cares for elderly prostrate patients is to avoid moving them abruptly as they cause friction ulcers. Moving from a sliding position or in the opposite direction will increase the skin lesions.

What is an eschar?
When there is a continuous pressure in the capillaries, oxygen is not received. The skin becomes red and becomes very sensitive. Finally it breaks and a wound appears. In extreme cases the muscle and bones can also be injured

  • Causes of eschar in older adults:
    Continuous pressure on an area due to the same posture
  • Dry, slightly moist skin
  • Weightloss
  • Obesity
  • Terminal disease
  • Circulation problems

Tips to avoid eschar in older adults:

  • Change their position every hour and a half.
  • Avoid tension in the skin: that is, not drag the body of the elderly. Hence the importance of having expert nursing assistants.
  • Organize a schedule of positions with a schedule that allows you to vary the positions.
  • Hydrate the skin in old age
  • Perform gentle circular massage on the skin without wounds.
  • Use foams, floats and protectors in the contact areas.

With these tips you can understand the importance of preventing and providing adequate care and support for the elderly.

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